Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spreading Peace and Love-One World One Heart

If you had told me a year ago that I would be participating in a blog event, I would have said you were crazy. A year ago I had never even read a blog much less created one. I started reading in February and in April I created DellaRae DeZines. It has been a fun nine months. I have made some wonderful friends through blogging and won some wonderful prizes from the many give a ways. And now I am a part of OWOH my second blog event. There are lots of great prizes to be had and many wonderful people to meet so go and visit and let the fun begin. This past year has been an adventure that I hope continues for a long, long time.

So jump on the magic carpet and fly into my world.

I am an art teacher by trade and an artist at heart. I have been creating as long as I can remember. I love to paint, sculpt, read, and cook. When you come back to my blog in the future you will see many different things....paintings, art dolls, recipes and nature photography. I am participating in a Traveling Doll Project starting February 1st so you can travel along as our dolls progress.
I live on a lake in central Florida so I find different creatures every time I step outside. Some are old friends that return daily for a handout and others are just passing through. I am always looking for something new to learn. Right now I looking for a soap making class nearby. I started creating art dolls a year ago. And what a year that has been. I have met some incredibly talented doll makers on the internet and even sold a few dolls. My art dolls are all one of a kind and are usually described as whimsical. I would love for you to have one. SOOOOO........

Rub the genie's magic lamp and maybe you will be the winner of
"Love at First Sight".Can't you tell by that goofy look on his face that he has just met the girl of his dreams and his heart is pounding out of his chest. This little snowman is hand sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints. He is approximately six inches tall. He has twisted wire arms ready to hug you. Fancy yarn adorns his hat and a yarn scarf completes his outfit. He is covered with a clear glass glitter. To win this little guy, just leave a comment below and a link or an email address where I can reach you should you be the winner. The winner will be chosen and announced on February 15th.

You can also have a chance to win another of my creations, "The Queen of Hopeful Hearts" if you visit the . Several members of our group have donated a piece of their fabulous work to be given away. So by visiting you can look at some amazing art and maybe the genie will let you take one of them home.

The Queen of Hopeful Hearts

Her sad eyes tell the story
Of a love that went away.
A queen in all her glory,
Whose heart was broke today.
She'll tuck away sweet memories
And hold them deep inside
Forget about betrayal
Just remember how she tried
To keep him close beside her
The one who wouldn't stay
And hope that love will come again
And find her some sweet day.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Please come back again and again. I hope that you have found something here to brighten your day. I will leave you with one more thought....What have you done today to make the world a better place to live? It all starts with just one word, one smile, one act of kindness. Do it now, get out there and create some happiness....make the world a better place.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Willie's Words

I wanted to share a picture I did of Willie Nelson several years ago. To look at this picture from a distance you would think it was a pencil drawing of Willie....but when you get up close you will find that is all the words to his songs that I could find at the time I drew it. I chose Willie as my subject because I liked his music and he had an interesting face with lots of character. I thought he was perfect for this style of art. If you stand back as far as ten feet you do not see the words at all and the pencil blends so it looks like a drawing.

People who see the picture often ask me how long it took to finish the picture, and my answer is I really don't know. I did the picture for an assignment for a class I was taking. You had to turn a picture into a piece of word art. I started the picture by sketching Willie lightly in pencil. Then I used different hard and soft lead pencils and colored pencils to get the effect I wanted. After the intitial drawing, I put the picture on a table and would work on it when I had time. Sometimes it would be for a few minutes and sometimes a few hours. At the time I didn't know how much I would like the picture when it was finished so I didn't calculate the time.

The picture is composed with Willie's name and the words to his songs. His name is repeated many times and some of the songs are repeated and some are used only one time. I used them where I thought they fit on the picture.

For example, "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" had to go in his eyes. This is only picture I have done in this style and many have asked, "Has Willie seen it?" and my answer is ,"No." Someday maybe he will.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gourd Queen Giveaway!

The Gourd Queen is having a wonderful have a chance of winning this little Gourdy Snowman ( don't you just love his devilish little grin) if you visit her blog. You will see some amazing art there. Just click on this link and enter a place of magic!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Traveling Art Doll Project

Today is the day we all begin to work on our dolls for the Art Dolls Only Traveling Doll Project. Starting today, and continuing through the year, the project will end in September. What is the TDP? It is a collaboration of artists, seven teams to be exact, all working individually on a group doll. Each doll will travel from artist to artist, ending up where she started, but with a completely different look when she returns home. Each artist will add their own personal touch to each doll. A journal will travel with the doll and her experiences and that of the artist will be recorded to tell her story.

The dolls in our group will travel from Florida, to California, and across the ocean to London. How exciting. I wish I could climb in the box with her and make the trip. Oh, the places she'll go.....

My very talented partners in this adventure are

Martha of and

Tracey of
Please stop by and enjoy their beautiful work.

I am so excited to be working with them on this project. I know we will make some amazing dolls.

So......get ready for the first big send off on February 2. It should be a fun trip!