Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Selene -Team Muneca

The Traveling Doll Project from ADO is rapidly coming to an end. Wonderfully creative dolls have traveled around the world in a collaborative group effort. The results are amazing from some exceptionally creative artists. Each doll travels with a journal created by their maker. The journals exhibit as many different styles as the dolls. Each member of the team adds to the journal as the story of the doll unfolds. If you have missed the journey of the dolls go back and follow them from the beginning.

Pictured above is just a hint of the lovely Selene whose creator is Tracey of of London. Selene traveled to to the California home of Martha of Ayala Art where she was given a beautiful serene face and long black hair and then to me to be dressed and accessorized. Selene has had a exciting trip delayed by volcanic ash and other tragedies along the way, but soon she and her amazing journal will return home to England.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ADO Alice in Wonderland Blog Event

Come join the fun and create a character from Alice in Wonderland at the ADO 2nd Annual Blog Event. My online art doll group is sponsoring the event and everyone is invited to participate...accomplished art doll artists or first time doll makers. The only requirement to participate is that you must have a blog. So, if this sound like fun to you, please join us. Let your creativity shine like Cheshire Cat's smile. Don't be late...the signup begins today!