Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lovely Luna

It has been ages since I have been on my problems and others to numerous to mention have kept me away. Hopefully all that has changed and I will begin to post again. During the time that I have been away a beautiful fairy came to me. Her name is Luna. Luna is part of the Traveling Doll Project with ADO. She came to me from Ayala Art in California, and this is how she arrived. I was to add to Luna then send her on to Jasmoon Butterfly in London. Luna stayed in Florida for awhile and then continued her journey. Her trip was delayed because of volcanic ash and we worried about her and anticipated her arrival in England. After over a month of travel time she arrived safety.
I had the choice of what to do with Luna. I decided not to dress her, but to add some accessories to enhance her story. I made the moon for Luna to sit and wish on from paper clay and added pearls to the base. While in Florida Luna found and oyster who shared his pearl and the pearls of many of this friends with her. I also used the pearls in her hair. I decided to make Luna's hair green because she had a greenish tint to her skin. I used several different shades of hand dyed mohair for her wild mane. This is how Luna looked when she left for England on the back of a dolphin.

Luna is in London now and soon she and her journal will be completed and she will go home to California. I can wait to see the complete transformation of this lovely creature. She will go back to the glen where the fairies dance, but she will always remember her time in Florida where the whisper of the waves as they touched the shore helped her find magic.


  1. I love what you did to her Raedell! And the moon is awesome!

  2. 大家隨便說,說什麽都好,就是請不要惦惦.............................................

  3. Very cool, love the moon! Glad to "see" you too, missed ya :)