Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home to London

Lovely Selene is at home in England. Her trip took her to faraway places and she met many friends along the way. She began her journey in London where her creator Jasmoon Butterfly sent her across the ocean to Ayala Art in California. There she was painted and given her long flowing hair.
She traveled on the sunny Florida where Raedell of DellaRae Designs dressed her and gave her a moon lantern to guide her on her travels to find her lost love Endymion.

Tiny slippers adorned her feet so that she could dance night after night in the fairy glen.

Ribbon wings and a tulle and taffeta gown completed her outfit. Shimmering butterflies in honor of her creator danced across her gown. A beautiful journal accompanied Selene on her journey and recorded her adventures.

Selene longed to be in the place of her birth. I know that she is there now. She has descended the stairs to the fairy glen and has gazed upon her true love. He has been waiting there for her peaceful in sleep. I can see her now, gliding down the stairs through the mist, led by the flickering lights on the banks of the glen. Selene and her love are now togerher forever.


  1. Nice work.
    So much details.

  2. She looks beautiful! I'll be waiting to hear when you get Victoria home too!

  3. HEY YOU!! I haven't talked to you in quite awhile and I'm just stopping by to say I missed you :) Hope the Fall season finds you happy and healthy! HUGS! Zan :)