Monday, April 27, 2009


Tonight is the beginning of a new experience for me....writing a blog. I never dreamed that I would have a blog. When LoopyBoopy told me I should start a blog I wondered what I would write about. Since that time I keeping thinking of things to say.

I had the most wonderful thing happen to me today. About six weeks ago, my friend Janice A. asked me to go with her to her daughter, Amber's friend, Tony's art show. (now that's a mouthful) We went to the show at Arts on the Park in downtown Lakeland, FL and Tony had some amazing paintings. I fell in love with a painting he had done of a piece of heavy equipment in a field, but the price was not in my budget at that time. I couldn't stop thinking about the painting and how much I liked it. I think I was supposed to be at that show that night, because Tony and his beautiful painting brought change to my life. It made me want to paint again. I haven't painted in some time, and, it made me want to paint "Big Boy Toys". So I painted a picture of a frontend loader. I emailed a photo of my painting to Janice, and she told Tony what I had done.

Now comes the incredible part of the story. Janice and Amber asked me to meet them for breakfast today at wonderful little restaurant that has recently opened in Haines City, the "Three Boys Cafe". (Breakfast was delicious!) When I got out of the car they told me to close my eyes as they had a surprise for me. When I opened my eyes, Janice was holding the painting that I had admired. She said the Tony wanted me to have it. He said that many people loved and admired his work, but no one had ever said his work had inspired them to create their own art. I didn't know what to say. I was so honored to be presented such a wonderful gift from such a talented artist who I don't know, as I had only met him briefly at the art show.

I don't know if there are enough words to thank Tony. He wrote and inscription on the back of the painting that says, Raedell, from one artist to another, Tony Corbitt. Tony, your mother should be very proud of you. I find that most artists are wonderful, caring, giving people and I have certainly found that in Tony. Thank you, Tony, you can't imagine how special you have made me feel.


  1. Hey Raedell! Wow what a wonderful story and gift! Is that the painting on your blog, if so it is beautiful, oh how I wish I could paint. Can we see your painting that was inspired by Tony.

    Oh and welcome to the world of blogging! So glad you decided to share your world with us!!

  2. The "Big Boy Toy" is my painting. Tony and I have completely different styles. I wish I could move Tony's painting to the top and mine below, but I haven't figured out how to manuver the page yet.