Monday, August 10, 2009


I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I don't even have a picture to post. I have been doing a little remodeling and my house looks like a bomb hit it. You don't know how much "junque" you have until you need to move it. I have replaced the rest of my floors with tile and of course when you do one thing it leads to another. Now you need to paint and you don't want to put that old furniture back in the I have been going crazy, shopping, moving furniture, washing all the china, crystal, and what ever else that was in the china cabinets. And, the windows really need washing when you take down the curtains and can see all the dirt. I go back to school next week. That's why I waited until now to get it all done. I work better under pressure,or maybe it's just the time of year to go crazy


  1. You go girl, now I feel like I have to clean a little, and herd dust bunnies LOL

  2. We are trying to do the same but haven't gotten too far with it yet. One of these days.......☺