Thursday, July 30, 2009

Someday My Princess Will Come

Someday My Princess Will Come
Here he sits in quiet despair
Waiting for his princess fair,
To take his hand, give him a kiss,
He wonders if she does exist
The lady who can change his life
The one that he would make his wife
With just one kiss the prize is won
And then his froggy life is done.
I am so excited I had my second sale on Etsy last night. My sweet frog prince will be leaving and going to a new home and a new princess. I was beginning to wonder if anything would ever sell. I wouldn't have stopped creating my art dolls because they are so much fun to make.'s to Frog Princes wherever you are....your Princess will find you soon.


  1. Well done on your sale! and what a lovely frog!hope he is going to a good home! :O)

  2. He's just great!
    I hope she comes soon!

  3. Della,
    Love the frog! In answer to your question on my doll...the arms are cloth covered completely in clay.

    Looking forward to seeing your first cloth/clay doll,

  4. He is awesome I love him! And the poem too!

  5. Big congrats! The poem is perfect for Mr. Froggy ☺