Saturday, October 17, 2009


I just got home from the Florida Art Educators conference in Orlando this afternoon. I had a great time and went to some really wonderful, informative workshops. I can wait to bring back some of these lesson to my kids. The convention was at the Florida Hotel at the Florida Mall so inbetween classes there was lots of shopping going on. Not only did I buy things for me, I got some super deals on art supplies for my classroom. On Thursday night they had an artist bazaar where you could set up a booth and sell your wares. Meet "Bad Kitty", he was gone soon after I put him on the table, along with "Otis Ogre" and some of my "Little Jacks". I wish had made more ornaments. There was not problem selling them.
I didn't take Beatrice along for the trip. I left her at home to watch over my house while I was gone. Beatrice was made for the Halloween Mini Monthly challenge at Art Dolls Only. She has a paper mache body and polymer clay head and arms. Her dress is dyed gauze. Her purple hair is wool roving. Beatrice is a wandering witch, always on the search for new spells to cast. She follows the moon on her adventures.

I haven't been good at posting lately as I am sure you have noticed. I have been really busy at school. I have finally met three important deadlines there and hope to get back to creating my dolls and being more faithful here. Let's hope it works!

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