Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thirty Days and Counting

I am in the holiday spirit. I can't stop making those crazy thing for Halloween, my favorite holiday. I have always loved to dress up and to make costumes. Today I made two Halloween paintings. Jack and Jill O Lantern and Mr. Skelly. I have a friend who works for a palette company and she brought me a stack of end pieces from the wood they use to make the palettes so I am recycling also. Both of the paintings measure 12 x 16. I added a little glitter and some rhinestones to give them a little sparkle when the light hits them. I think that first nip of cool air this morning really got me in the spirit. I can't wait for the weekend when all the creepy little critters and wonderful witches invade my house for the Halloween season.


  1. Hi Raedell,

    Thanks for posting your address on my blog. Your "Close 2 Midnight" print shipped out earlier this week. Hope you will enjoy it!

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-:

  2. Hello will be mailing out you package tomorrow hope ypu like her. I love your drawing you done. I see your in the Monster in the closet swap .I'm working on mine now , My partner is Dalphine she doesn't have a blog. It seems lately my partners don't have a blog..Will better get it done it's a vampire skeleton.