Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gator Santa in the Swamp!

In honor of Christmas and the big game today, I give you "Swamp Santa".

"Swamp Santa" is an orginal one of a kind art doll created from polymer clay. The gator is approximately fourteen inches long. Santa rides on his back into the "Swamp" ready to bring a big win for the Gators today.

No red nosed reindeer to pull the sleigh
We have Tim Tebow to lead the way
Santa's riding in the "Swamp" tonight
On an old Bull Gator so hang on tight
And just to make it worth the trip
He brought the 2008 Championship!
You can find "Swamp Santa" on my Etsy shop!
Go Gators!


  1. That is so cool!
    Happy belated Thanksgiving :)

  2. Sorry about the second post, my computer locked up and it didn't show until after I tried again.