Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ornies Find New Homes

I'm home from the Florida Art Teachers Conference in Orlando tonight. What fun we had. I had some excellent classes and got so many new ideas for projects. My students are going to love them. Next year we travel to St. Petersburg. I'm looking forward to it already. Good fun, good friends, and wonderful memories.

I was fortunate to sell four of my ornies and a couple of Little Jack pins at the Artist Bazaar on Friday night. Scary Skellie who you met in my last post is gone as well as Batilla, and the Queen of Hearts, who I finished at the last minute and forgot to make their pictures.

This is "Frankie Baby". He's quite the handsome fellow and sure to steal the heart of any lovely lady in town, just as his was stolen....he's looking for his bride.

And I'd like you to meet "Millicent Monster" all dressed up for the Halloween Ball. I wonder if she found a date?

Cover your eyes and don't you peek
Larry wants to play Hide and Seek.
As you walk by he'll pull you in.
It's dark inside
Games over my friend!
And "Larry" of "Hide and Seek" is gone also. It is so rewarding when you sell your art to fellow artists. Their was so much talent exhibited at the bazaar you wonder why your art was chosen. I guess there other crazy artists out there that love a little spooky combined with a little whimsy. Whatever the reason I am so glad they chose my little guys and know that they now have wonderful new homes.

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  1. FUN cast of characters! '-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Della Rae and I'm glad you enjoyed my decorations!

    Happy Halloween early!

    SpOOky CK >:-)