Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Jacks

I felt the first nip of fall in the air last night. It was wonderful. I love winter clothes even though I don't like the cold that much. That nip in the air makes me start thinking of my favorite time of year and of course Halloween. I have loved Halloween since I was a child and it is still my favorite holiday. I can't wait to start pulling out the decorations and burning spicy candles. I have already sent the Halloween costumes to my girls in Kentucky. I have made their costumes since they were babies. My grandson hasn't told me what he wants to be yet. He always finds something he wants me to buy, like Star Wars, so he is not as hard to please, and not half as much fun, when it comes to creating the costumes. I love witches and my house is full of them from the first October weekend until that spooky time of year is over. I am working on two Halloween dolls at the present time. One for the ADO quarterly challenge and one for Zan Asha's swap. My clown is just about finished, but in the mean time I made these crazy little pins. I call them "Little Jacks". They are made from polymer clay, paint, shells, beads, and Swarovski Crystals. They were fun to make. Which personality are you....crazy, jolly, or grumpy. I fit all of those catagories from time to time. I'm still working on my house. I decided to plaster the walls in my family room. I'm using a technique I saw on "Color Splash". They are really looking good but it has been a long time consuming process. I know I will love the end result, but right now I want to just finish. Maybe I'll go light one of those candle tonight and forget about walls until tomorrow.

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  1. Halloween is your cup of tea, just love the little pumpkins so cute