Saturday, September 26, 2009

Otis Ogre

Otis Ogre mean and green
Roams the streets on Halloween
Scaring little girls and boys
Making a frightful, dreadful noise.
Stealing candy from their bags
Dancing with the witchy hags
Up and down the windy streets
Laughing, roaring
Trick or Treat
Otis Ogre is ready to hang on your Halloween tree. He is a funny scary little fellow and was fun to make. He is four by three and a half inches tall and five and a half inches when you include the hanger. Otis is the first in a series of my Halloween ornaments.


  1. Hi DellaRae ~ You won my "Close 2 Midnight" postcard print in the EHAG Wandering Witch blog giveaway. Please stop by my blog or email me when you get a chance. Congrats!

    PS: Fun art & blog!

    Chris (-: