Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I play Bunco once a month with a group of friends. The majority of the group are Florida Gator fans. There is only one Florida State Seminole in the group. We had our Bunco group Christmas party last night. Along with the festivies we alway have an ornament exchange. The one Seminole got her revenge last night with this very creative ornament that was at the top of her gift bag. You had to open this before you got your real ornament. She went to the laundry mat and bought a small box of tide. Then she covered a toilet tissue roll with crimson ribbon and glued it to the top of the tide box. She then added the year. She said she wanted to put the score and add some tissue coming out of the roll for crying, but she was afraid to push it that far. So her very creative ornament brought back terrible memories......Roll Tide!

I thought I was the only artist in the group. I guess I was wrong. Speaking of art, I am the only one who makes her ornament every year. If you know anything about Bunco, you know that it is a dice I used dice for the pompom on Santa's hat and on the hanger. He is a jolly old fellow. I think won the pot last night!

Here is the first Bunco ornament I made. It was my exchange ornament last year. I had not made a picture of it. Lucky for me the hostess last night had last years ornament. It is entitled, Let the Fat Man Roll. You can't see it very well, but he is holding a gold dice in his hand.

We all had a great time last night. There was lots of good food, good friends, and many happy memories made. Oh yes, other than the trashy tide ornament a lot of beautiful ornaments were exchanged.


  1. Aww that first ornament makes me sad. I hope you rubbed in the fact that we still beat Florida State eh?

    I love your Santas. They're so cute!

  2. Lovely new pieces.

    Have a great weekend!

    Chris (-:

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