Sunday, June 7, 2009

I worked in the yard again today between the frequent showers. The squirrels were playing tag in the backyard and would not stay still long enough for me to get their picture. It is hot and muggy here, but everything is growing....lots and lots of weeds. The Limpkin family is still here. The babies are beginning to lose their fuzzy coat and their legs are starting to look like stilts. I captured a picture of mom on the dock. You can't see the babies, they are hiding in the grass on the edge of the lake. I love the reflections in the water. This is the calm after the storm.
Apple snails are the primary food source for the limpkin, but they also eat fresh water mussels. I found a pile of them on the bank beside a cypress knee. Both parents incubate their eggs for about 27 days. The young hatch covered with down, capable of walking, running, and swimming. They follow their parents to a platform of aquatic vegetation where they will be brooded. They are fed by both parents; they reach adult size at 7 weeks and leave their parents at about 16 weeks. I will hate to see the babies leave, but hope that they come back to build their nests here next year.
I found an old bicycle on the side of the road and brought it home. It makes a wonderful planter. I know the neighbors think I am crazy, but just looking at it makes me happy.

Friday was the last day of school for me. There are so many things I need to do around the house. I want to get my art room organized so I can get serious painting and making dolls, but today was dedicated to the yard. Here is my first tomato of the season. My vegetable garden consists of three tomato plants and an egg plant. I only grew the egg plant because one of my student's parent gave it to me. Now you can see why I am excited by a tomato.

Rosemary grows like crazy in my yard. I have five huge bushes of it. I use it for cooking and keep a vase of cuttings in my kitchen window so I can smell it any time I want. It is so easy to root that I give plants to friends all the time.

These are new blooms in my yard this week. I love daylilys. I wish they would bloom all year long. I don't know the name of the sunflower, but I know it is easy to grow. All you need to do is break off a piece and stick it in the ground and add a little water. It grows 10 to 12 feet tall and is covered with beautiful flowers all summer long.

This gorgeous orchid surprised me this morning. It has already bloomed once this year, so I was happy to see it's beautiful face again. I guess it's time to go work on organizing. Always remember to stop and smell the flowers.
In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful. ~Abram L. Urban


  1. I love your blog, the pictures are great. I'm passing the "One Lovely Blog" award on to you.

  2. Beautiful pics! There is nothing like a fresh home grown tomato, lucky you ☺

  3. I have loved the visit to your yard! And that bicycle! What an incredible idea! No wonder you are happy when you look at it. I just love how the ivy is starting the climb the wheels....

    I found my first tomato of the season today. It's actually my first tomato ever so I'm VERY excited to say the least.

    Enjoyed my visit!


  4. I have enjoyed my first visit here! I to, love flowers and always enjoy others garden photos! I got here thru crow haven farms and so glad to find this lovely place!!!

  5. ps-, I grew my first tomatoes ever and am so excited!!!