Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Leaves

I got up bright and early this morning to beat the heat to pull weeds. It has been close to 100 degrees for the past few days, and no rain in sight.....the weeds are still growing. While I was out I thought I would take pictures of flowers to share with you, but this weed that is everywhere caught my eye. We are always looking at the beauty of flowers, but do you ever look at "just leaves"? As I looked around my yard I was startled to see all the amazing sizes, shapes, colors, and textures of the leaves. All the different shades of green was a bit of coolness in the heat.

This culprit not only covered my birdbath, but everything else in the yard. He was the main reason I was out weeding.

The croutons were still displaying their vibrant fall foliage. They were waiting for a cool breeze to come their way so they could dream of the crisp,cool, days of fall.

Sunlight glistened on the pineapple plants while their spike -like leaves reached for the sun.
The seed pods hung heavy on the Cypress trees, quite a contrast to their delicate, lacy leaves that danced like faries with the slightest breeze.

My lone eggplant, a gift from a friend, has not blossomed yet, but I am in hopes that it will be soon.
Ahh...lavender, second only to rosemary of the most fragrant herbs. Her grayish blue leaves an interesting contrast to the terracotta pot was soaking up the sun.
The white bird of paradise blooms have gone from the Traveler Palms now, but the cascading leaves are still a refuge for many small creatures.
Sea Grape, a long way from the salty, sandy shore of the gulf still thrives under the Florida sun on the banks of the lake.
Where we see the buttery yellow lotus flowers, floating on heart shaped leaves waiting to become pods.

And banana fronds reaching upward like peacock tails in full glory, soon to host many bunches of finger bananas and colorful banana spiders.The huge Dracena that I planted for it's feathery leaves, a wonderful addition to tropical flower arrangements. I can't count how many lined tables, cradling platters of food at outdoor gatherings.And the ever growing fern that spreads it's beauty so fast you can't keep up with the weeding. Covering your garden at an alarming rate of speed.

Just leaves....but when you stop and look they bring such pleasure to your life. Peaceful soothing greens that bring beauty to the earth.

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  1. so pretty, what a great gardening lesson, I still can't get anything to grow here, I think it is the farm the soil is dead and sandy.
    But it is so nice to see all the beautiful gardens everywhere else, thanks for sharing!