Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers, Too

You know you have a wonderful friend when you come home and all the trees have been trimmed in your yard. That's what happened to me this week. Next comes the task of dragging all the limbs down to the road for the trash man to carry away. I look at this task in a positive way. First the branches won't knock the shingles off my roof in bad weather, the yard looks one hundred percent better and I get exercise and sunshine.

This is Mr. and Mrs. Limpkin. They live in my backyard and eat mussels and apple snails all year long. They also make a lot of noise, but I love to watch them gliding through the water in search of dinner.

While working down by the water this morning I scared two babies out of the grass. Immediately their parents called them out on the water. Later in the afternoon, I discovered that there were not two, but four little fluff balls. Momma called and they all came running. There was one little straggler that was half the size of the other three and he just could keep up. He was still swimming while the others were hurrying away.

I hope that this little family is safe and the babies decide to stay and make my backyard their home, too.
Thank goodness for the sunshine today. It's the first day without rain in almost two weeks. Evidence of the rain is the size of the grapes from one week to the next. They will be ready to pick before long if the birds don't eat them first. The recent rain has made everything grow and bloom.


  1. Your surroundings are beautiful! ☺

  2. I need to visit your backyard. It looks beautiful!!! I hope it dries out for y'all soon!!