Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day
Cherish your mother every day. Ask her all the things you want to know about her life. Don't wait to ask. You think that time is on your side forever, but it can slip up on you. And even though she is still here, she might not remember all the things you want to know.

I haven't gotten back to work on my art dolls yet. It seems that I have a million things to do. I got my partner for the Under Sea Swap today. It is Carolyn of Caroline's Crafts. She is a member of ADO and I love her work. I can't wait to get my doll, but that won't be until June. I have progressed on my mermaid doll since you last saw the pictures of her. I will try to get a new picture up soon.

I did do a little art this weekend. My birthday was Saturday so I was celebrating and I had dinner with my children today. Inbetween I made my squares for the Pino Pie Day. I made eight square and will be putting them in the mail tomorrow. They are very simple, just muslin squares with a painted acrylic border. I believe that celebrating the hospice workers for the wonderful work they do is a good cause, and I am glad I can contribute in some small way. I just wish I could be there to eat some pie!


  1. Raedell, you are so wonderful to have sent such bright and fun fabric swatches for the pie event! I love you for it! And mentioning it here too is generous. You thoughts about our mothers is heartfelt.

  2. Oooh, I just saw this RaeDell! You are an amazing and sweet woman! Yay for moms and cloth squares!