Friday, May 8, 2009

Girls Night Out

Have you ever played Bunco? If not, you are missing a real treat. All you need to know is how to roll the dice and count and sometimes that can get confusing. Our monthly Bunco game was hosted by Julie this week. We had a great time. Her dad, Richard, who is a wonderful cook, made a southern girls dream dinner, chicken and dumpling, blackeyed peas, corn bread and peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream, and that was just the dinner. We had all kinds of snacks, including boiled peanuts.

After a lot of good food we got down to the serious part of the night. No, it's not really the game. It is spending an evening with friends old and new. It is sharing our laughter and tears and just having a great time. There are twelve players ranging in age from thirty something to sixty so don't think that our conversations aren't varied.

When we finally stop eating and talking we get down to the next important event of the night, rolling the dice. Now we all have different styles of dice rolling. Some of us like to take our time, talk awhile, then toss. Others like to keep the game moving so those dice don't cool off. I am the bell ringer and like to keep the game going. Debbie D. is the Bunco thief who will steal your dice right out from under you. Debbie R. keeps us laughing all night long. Mary Beth, who is the baby of the group just looks at us and shakes her head. She really wants to be like one of us when she grows up. I don't think she's decided which one yet.

When the game is over we all add up our scores to see who the big winner will be that night. It looks like Cheryl was really serious about adding her score. Being serious didn't help her tonight. Julie had the most Buncos and walked away with the big prize.

What great memories we are making. All of us look forward to our once a month game.

"My friends are my estate."- Emily Dickinson

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