Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rainy Weather

It has not stopped raining in "sunny" Florida for ten days. Over sixteen inches have fallen at my last count. The lakes are up and the flowers are loving it. The grapes on the vine are just beginning to grow and the welcome rain will help to make them plump and juicy this year. With only one vine, most of my grapes are food for the birds. My grape vine grows on the abandoned basketball goal of my son's youth. At the end of my driveway, it makes a perfect backdrop when coming home.

I have had a lazy weekend. I had lunch with some friends on Saturday and breakfast with others Sunday morning. Other than that, I have enjoyed the sound of the rain. It has been a weekend for enjoying good books, cooking, and creating. I read "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks today. What a beautiful love story. If only we could all be loved like that what a wonderful world this would be. My friend Janice gave me three books today for a late birthday present and a zany stuffed "Z" that suits me perfectly. I started on one of the books this afternoon. It is "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides. She assures me I will find it fascinating.

My friend, Janice was one of the first women clowns for Ringling Brothers Circus back in the early seventies. Therefore she has influenced me in my creativity this week with my first clown doll. Janice gave me a pamphlet explaining the different types of clown makeup and I think this one will be a "white face". He is my first doll to have arms that are not permanently attached. They will be attached with buttons and will move. I haven't come up with a color scheme yet, but I am leaning towards green, my favorite color.

I am always working on Halloween, my favorite holiday, so I also made some evil little jack-o'-lantern pins. They were fun to make. They were going to be my surprize for the Trick or Treat give a way, but I can't find anyone who wants to participate. If anyone is interested you can read the rules on my earlier post.

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  1. Eeks, how horrible it is to discover I am this far behind in the bloggy world. Your post aboout the wonderful gift you received from Marie went right on by me. I am one your followers as I love your work. 'Cept May has been such a crazy month since about the 6th. I am so sorry I've missed your posts and haven't been around to comment. Your little Evil Pumpkin Pins are so Wickedly Cute. I would love to participate with you in your Trick or Treat Giveaway Pay It Forward event. I'm still finishing up my last one though and it would be in August that I'd be able to Pay It Forward. I know sounds awful doesn't it. May isn't even over and June and July are already full. Yikes! I hope you have a super up and coming week.